Lars Barkler is CEO of Lithium Balance a start-up company that has developed unique battery management systems for increased performance of electrical applications using large format lithium batteries. This green technology is primarily used in the automotive market for hybrid and electric cars.

Lars is a M.Sc. in Business Administration and Economics, and his career has evolved around international marketing of high tech products. He has previously served CTO, CMO and business development positions in Brel & Kjr, Radiometer Medical and Radiometer America.

Lithium Balance
We are an innovative Danish company with a core competence in Lithium Ion Battery Management Systems (BMS).

Lithium Ion battery technology is making the jump from personal electronics where it dominates as the energy storage medium; to transport and industrial applications. Lithium Ion batteries outperform all other types of rechargeable battery technology by a considerable margin and are currently the focus of intensive development all over the world to further improve on the already comparatively impressive performance.

Battery Management is an essential enabling technology for the development of Lithium Ion powered industrial and transport solutions. Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery packs require management to ensure safety, performance and reliability.

It was the vision of the founder, Ivan Loncarevic to perfect, effective, battery management solutions, making them available off-the-shelf at a reasonable price, giving industry a fast route to practicable Lithium-Ion battery, powered solutions.
Company: Lithium Balance
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